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Greetings and Salutations, people! Welcome to my writing page! For those of you unaware, my name (not actually) is Daniel Asurn Erik. I am currently in the process of reworking this website, as, up until this point, I used it mostly to post drafts for a writing project I have, titled Acceberalies. It is a high-fantasy series I’m working on, and I have it planned out for the most part, but need to put the whole thing to words. As it stands right now, all of the drafts on this blog should be considered out-of-use. I’m currently in the process of writing a final draft of the whole series in chronological order, starting with the first book in the series, Tale of Adventure!

Currently, though, I wish to rework the site to not just be Acceberalies-Central. I wish to be able to include any other projects I’m working on, and maybe occassional one-off stories and the like. I do have some available on the site, but they’re not as widely publicized as they could be. So starting here, I’ll be able to use this main page to redirect you elsewhere. The links shall be provided below, as well as an explanation to what each project/page is and what it includes.



In the dawn of the 15th century, humanity’s 400 year old knowledge of magic has gained them access to the Acceberalies, an magical collective of all the known galaxy’s races and species created in order to preserve and protect that life. The main story will follow a plot that occurs in the wake of humanity’s entrance into the Acceberalies, and a secret that someone knows about them.


A steampunk story following a young, eccentric girl’s mad quest to achieve the impossible, and the even more impossible journey to get there.

Aka no Tenmetsu:

A slice of life romance story that follows Nakaseko Yumi, an aimless girl going to a big liberal arts high school. During a play at the beginning of the year, she witnesses a passionate performance by the school’s drama club, particularly by the club’s president Sakata Takeru. In an attempt to get closer to him, she joins the club and soon gets entangled in the drama club’s rather complicated lives.

Untitled Sci-Fi Story:

An sci-fi action series detailing the exploits of the Tiratore, a special forces group tasked with fighting a secret war against a hostile alien race unknown to the rest of humanity, from the point of view from a newly inducted, but war veteran, recruit.


Individual stories, poems, ideas, etc., with very little rhyme or reason.


09/05/15: Recently updated the site, still need more edits and whatnot. Big changes to come soon. Love you all!

2 thoughts on “Directory Page

  1. Hi,
    I read all of what you have published. I like it all a lot. I think you can make it out there one day; just keep trying and working harder and improving even more and becoming the absolute best you can be. You’ve got talent, and skills, and you deserve to get some recognition.
    Ciel P.
    P.S. I saw your plug on Space Email so I thought it might just be fate that we should talk.

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