The World of Ipsum

I shall officially be attempting to insert myself into the world of Steampunk, featuring the World of Ipsum.

First is the Geographical Map:

Ipsum Geo

The world is made up of 5 main islands, as well as smaller islands which surround the others.

The World of Ipsum is divided into 6 Nations.

Ipsum Poli

The first nation is the Aelvion Republic.

Aelvion RepublicGrid

Inspired by Western European culture, like that of the UK, France, Italy, Spain, and the like.

Next is the Sudic States.

The Sudic StatesGrid

Inspired by Northern European culture, like that or Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

Next is the Isle of Gavin.

Isle of GavinGrid

Inspired by Eastern European culture, being that of Russia and the various Slavic States

Next is the Northern Dynasty.

The Northern DynastyGrid

Inspired by Japanese and Korean culture.

Next is the Southern Dynasty.

The Southern DynastyGrid

Inspired by Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern Islamic, and Indochinese culture.

Last is the Aiye Ariwa

Aiye AriwaGrid

Inspired by Northern, Western, and Central African Cultures.

I’ll dig more into the world of Ipsum more, but I figured I’ll post this now, just to get it out of the way.

House Avalon


The amazing Kattiekath has joined me for an RP group, and this time, it’s an RP based on the popular series Game of Thrones. I’m not familiar with the series at all, and am only anticipating watching it, however, they said that no experience was necessary. And so, we came up with our own House, House Avalon, whose two Leading Ladies rule over the House as Wife and Wife. Here are the Character Profiles for the RP.

Username: KattieKath
Name: Alvina Avalon
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 125lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Gray
Skin Color: Fair

Class: Noblewoman
House: Avalon
Title(s): Lady Avalon


Alvina was the daughter of a duke, who was a general of Avalon and a duchess, a bishop who practiced in the healing arts, of the House of Avalon. When they visited an oracle, they were told that their daughter would become Lady of Avalon when she was 21 years old. The Duchess was against the idea, but the Duke looked forward to this, preparing his daughter, Alvina, to become Lady Avalon and take the reign. She took the lessons with her as she grew older, and started to regularly visit and aid of the town the House ruled over, Altnahara. She intermingled with the townsfolk, being nearly idolized by them due to her compassion and caring. Upon learning of the prophecy, she pushed that she lead the House of Avalon alone, without a Husband. However, she took notice of a chambermaid’s daughter, by the name of Adelaide. When Alvina became 17, she became fairly interested in her, especially after the girl became orphaned due to Lord Avalon declaring Adelaide’s mother a traitor and executing her. Following this, she was approached by Adelaide, who’d stormed through the House of Avalon and taken hostage most of the noblemen and women. Adelaide had seemingly planned to take her as well, but instead, she welcome Adelaide, heard her case, and decided that she was going to fulfill her prophecy of becomming Lady sooner than planned. She successfully took over the throne, exiling the rest of the House Avalon, while her parents retired to a secluded space towards the coast of Erentier. She became betrothed to Adelaide, who’d served as her protector this time, and at the age of 24, she made Adelaide her wife, who would serve as Lady Avalon as well.. The two have been ruling over Erentier ever since, Alvina handling the trades and relations amongst other Houses, as well as the King and Queen of Lorwynne with Adelaide close to her side.


Username: DKnuerr
Name: Adelaide Vesci
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 128lbs
Hair Color: Wine
Eye Color: Crimson
Skin Color: Pale

Class: Noblewoman, Melee
House: Avalon
Title(s): Lady Avalon


Her mother a chambermaid, and her father not being around, Adelaide spent her childhood wandering about a war-mongering Nobleman’s properties, learning of the various intricacies of monarchy, royalty, and warfare. She observed the Nobleman’s guards training, soon taking up the sword herself in private. Due to the family’s accusation of insubordination, her mother was executed before her eyes, and at age 15, she was given a choice of either joining her mother or serving the noble family. She chose her own option and attacked the noble family, holding her own through quick hit-and-run tactics. Having made most of the family hostage, she came across the fortified daughter of the family. However, rather than attacking the guards and taking the girl, the girl dismissed the guards and allowed her entry. The daughter took sympathy for the girl, and in a very bold power play, ordered that her family be exiled for their wrongful accusation. The girl allowed Adelaide to serve under her, the two slowly realizing their attachment to one another, and thus, Lady Avalon became betrothed to Adelaide, making her also Lady Avalon. Serving as the head of the military, Adelaide has kept the borders for their territory safe, despite its small size and population. And through fierce devotion, keeping Lady Avalon safe from any harm.

Riding Off Into The Night (An Original Elegy)

This is an original piece written by me for my English Literature class. However, I liked it overall, and so I’m deciding to post it up here.

And so I sit here in solitary confinement
My shackles made of steel and regret
But, the shambling, rambling, non-leisurely ambling
My mind shall wander and never forget

Her eyes so bright, their blinding brilliant lights
The pits of her soul, which I had yet to comprehend
Were dull and disinterested, when her gaze caught my sight
Agonizing, torturing, teasing, when will it end?

The first impalement, a slow, intimate sting
That was driven by friend and Gods themselves
The temptress’s song, in my ears it’d still right
The unrequited romanticism, through which I’d delve.

My first and foremost, my one and only
She who I wished to pledge myself to
Cared not for my interests, yet not so coldly
Even in rejection, kindly bid me adieu

I see not in dreams now, but nightmares more rather
A chariot of gold sat readily beneath her
I held boldly in eye, grabbed hold with courage gathered
She’d be whisked off by Fate, her cruel chauffeur

The wind kicking behind it, I’d be all alone
The quiet of night surrounding
For my fear and hesitation, I’d have to atone
My lament filled cries resounding

And so I sit here in solitary confinement
My shackles made of steel and regret
But, the shambling, rambling, non-leisurely ambling
My mind shall wander and never, ever forget

Tiratore, Part 1

“Sergeant Arthurs,” the woman said, “They’re calling for you.” Harkin Arthurs nodded, and he stood up. Clad in his fatigues, he made his way to the automatic doors, past the woman, and through the hallway. He continued until he reached the door for room R2. Taking in a deep breath, the Staff Sergeant pressed his thumb on the wall console. The door opened as the two-tone confirmation sounded. It was a small room, a fireplace on the left wall, computers on the right, and a desk in the back. And behind the desk sat a woman.

“Staff Sergeant Harkin Arthurs. Welcome. I’m Lieutenant Colonel Natsume Sato.”

Arthurs instantly snapped into a salute, but Sato put her hand up.

“At ease Staff. Please, have a seat.”

She motioned for the seat that stood in front of the desk, which Arthurs took. “Ma’am. May I ask what I did wrong?” Arthurs sat at the edge of his seat as he asked this. Sato smiled.

“Why do you assume you did something wrong?”

Harkin pulled himself back slightly. “Well, the ASORD doesn’t normally invite people to sit and chat, Ma’am.”

Sato reclined in her seat, and looked at a stack of files on the desk.

“Indeed, we don’t. You participated in the Assault on Arcade, no?”

Harkin nodded.

“And you also participated in Operation Casino, no.”

Arthurs flinched when she said this. “That op was classified, Ma’am.”

“Yes it was. But that operation was a major victory for us, wasn’t it?”

Harkin nodded.

“And that’s why you’re here, Staff. You’re dossier has told us you’re ready.”

“Ready for what, Ma’am?” There was a hint of caution in his voice.

Sato pushed a folder in front of Harkin, and the Staff Sergeant took it. “Are you familiar with the Tiratore, Harkin?”

Arthurs opened the file, showing a crest; two swords crossed with a spade between them. “I may have worked with them during Casino…” But Arthurs knew that was an understatement. Tiratore was the leading force in Operation Casino. It was because of them that Arthurs managed to complete his objective during that op. It was because of them he was alive.

“Well, there’s an opening in their ranks, and they all recommended you.”

That sentence took a moment to register to him. The Tiratore were one of the most elite groups in the entire SSJM. Their work could turn a final stand into a landslide victory. And their doors weren’t open to just anyone.

“By the order of the Solar System Joint Military and the Armed Services Office of Research and Development, I hereby promote you to the rank of Second Lieutenant. You are being relocated to ASORD Base November-Seven. Pack your bags.” She pulled out a small case and handed it to Harkin. He opened it, and it held a new ID badge. It had his name, date of birth, Service Number, and his photograph, but instead of the Staff Sergeant Insignia, it bore the single gold bar of a Second Lieutentant. ID in his left hand, he reached out to shake Natsume’s hand with his right.

“I’ll see you at November-Seven, El-Tee.” The Lieutenant Colonel said as she smiled.


Another RP Session.

The posts go in order of myself (starting with the introduction), William (a friend I’ve recently made), and Velvet (who was in the previous session.) Please Enjoy. ^^

It was so many years ago. Society stood still in that one moment, for everyone. Everyone except for about four thousand individuals. At that moment, the eight hundred were all gathered and told this. They had magic abilities granted to them. This magic was reflective of their personalities, and could be used in everyday life with a few stipulations. One, magic couldn’t be used against non- magic users as a form of attack, assault, or vandalism. Two, your magic abilities will physically drain you if overused too often. And three, every time someone with powers dies, the remaining magic users become more powerful. In current time, there remain about 800 mages. Most of them remain in hiding, thanks to the the influence of a group of mages banding together to kill the others, known as Intent. The group has managed to cause the death of at least 2,000 of the mages directly. And the number slowly increases with each day.

Zaryn stood outside an old and unvisited graveyard, relaxing on a decaying pillar. He had his sniper rifle leaning against it as well next to him, his eyes radiated an emerald hue smoke, and his body gave off a black and red electricity. He seemed to be staring up at the sky, counting stars, for every one he counted, he pretended to shoot them with his finger.

Rose sighed softly as she made her way silently through the graveyard, her gold eyes roaming over the area littered with old gravestones, her katana strapped to her back. A black silver spiked head back kept her hair back from her face except for her bangs, while her coat fluttered silently about her knees. She had heard about the deaths of other magic users and swore she would keep to herself, not wishing to be betrayed while sleeping. Pausing by an old iron woven bench she sat down and leaned her head back, grimacing slightly for her feet hurt from all the walking she had done, a sigh of relief slipping from her as she closed her eyes but allowed her hearing to amplify enabling her to hear far better than humans.

He sat as still as he could, barely even breathing, much less making noise. He knew he’d regret sitting down in the dirt, but he’d rather have to clean pants rather than clean holes through his stomach. Or burns. Or anything else involving mutilation of his body. He pressed his back against the grey stone marker, indicating someone’s grave. It was by unfortunate circumstance that Trey was here, visiting a loved one’s grave, but the fact that there were other people here, more shockingly other mages, caused his heart to beat uncontrollably in his chest. He tried to peer over the tombstone of the random person whose grave he was desecrating a little bit, when a chunk of it fell over, hitting the ground loudly.

Zaryn seems to freeze for a moment. He looks down at his level once again. “I’m not alone.” He would mutter to himself, he picks his rifle up and leans to his right a little to peer around the pillar in his way, he saw what looked like a female, he wasnt about to use a spell to help himself see, they might catch it. He kneels down and watches clutching his weapon tightly.

Having dozed while sitting, Rose snapped up into a half crouch infront of the iron bench her eyes roaming over the area about her as her left arm rose to grasp the hilt of her katana, ears straining for a repeat of the sound that had snapped her out of her doze, her heart pounding a mile a minute as she slowly calmed herself down. Shifting she turned and leaped over the bench to crouch down behind it as thoughts flashed through her mind as well as several ways to escape the graveyard if it was needed. “Damn. I was hoping I’d be alone here.” she muttered softly as she waited peering through the back of the iron bench.

Trey knows when he’s fucked up, and you didn’t have to be him in this instance to know he did. He looked through the missing portion of the tombstone to see someone behind one of the benches here. He glossed over the finer details of the person, taking one quick glance of a katana and knowing he was even more screwed if this person was one of the Intent. Quickly, he tried to duck back down, immediately making contact with a sharpened fragment of the stone with his leg. He let out a muffled yell, his hand shooting over his mouth as he immediately took the piercing fragment out of his leg and tossed it away.

Zaryn brought his weapon up to his shoulder and looked through the scope to see them closer. He sat silently, watching through the scope. “Hmmm.” He would let out as the air around him crackles softly with electricity.

Rose hissed silently when the darker side of her woke at the fact that she wasn’t alone and struggled to keep her at bay knowing she would kill first than ask questions later. Her head snapped towards the sound of a muffled yell eyes narrowing before widening at the scent of blood though it was faint. Shifting ever so slightly she looked over the back of the bench gold eyes flickering between gold and silver as she looked over the tombstones, only to snap her head towards the pillors at the faint sound of crackling electricity. “Fuck…” she hissed softly as she scooted back from the bench, grasped the back of it and with a straining yank, she ripped it out of the ground for cover and pressed up against the seat of the bench.

He tears off half of his left sleeve and ties it around the bleeding wound in his leg. The improvised bandage would have to do, but assuming the worse he figured to hell with it and finally made a move. Standing straight up, he started, “Whoever’s out there… You better watch yourselves! You don’t know who you’re messing with.” A boldfaced bluff. Trey moved around the tombstone and out into the open. Bravado seemed to take over though, as he managed to somewhat mask the limp he should have. Apprehension in his voice, he stated, “I-If you come out and show yourselves, I might go easy on you…”

He steadies his scope as the wind started to blow from the south. “Shit, not now.” He stands up to a crouched position and moves at a slow pace, knowing he wasnt yet spotted. He only moved a few feet a minute. The temperature was also starting to drop the later it got. He turned on his thermal vison and stopped a hundred yards from them.

Her eyes narrowing even as a shiver rippled through her, Rose twisted her body in such a way that it allowed her to draw her weapon without being seen and slowly straightned up the wind blowing her hair about her as she locked her gold eyes on the male several feet away, tailing over his form as she stood there katana down at her left side as she watched him, noting that he had no weapon which ment he tended to depend upon his magic more. ‘Or it is hidden well!’ she thought. As she stood there she waited for the other to come out of hiding, for she knew just by looking at the male who spoke, he wasn’t the one that crackled with electricity. “Easy?” she asked softly, her voice clear and smooth as she cocked her head slightly.

Flinching, he turned to the direction of the voice. Still unsure, he started, “Y-Yeah. I may not be with the Intent, b-but… That doesn’t mean I – we, we can’t fight.” The pain in his leg suddenly shot through him, realizing it was a lot worse than it seemed. It must’ve hit something important. And this meant he wasn’t in any fighting condition. “O-Okay. I’m bluffing. My name is Trey Garner. I’m just here visiting one of my friend’s graves. If you’re gonna kill me, just get it over with. Otherwise, I could really use some help…” He sat himself down resolutely, ready to face whoever the woman who responded to him was.

Zaryn sees both of them clearly now, he stands to where he could be seen, only if they actually look hard enough. he moves to the pillar and leans on it, still aiming at them in a relaxed manner. Breathing in and out only a couple times every minute. He waits to see how things transpire between the two before deciding what to do.

Her senses went haywire causing Rose to tense up her hand tightning over the hilt of her katana until she forced herself to relax and sighed as she watched the male before her. “Swear on your Magic Trey Garner that your not of the Intent and that you mean no harm period and I’ll help you with your wound.” she stated as she stayed where she was, knowing for a fact once a Mage gave his/her word on his/her Magic that it would kill them if they broke that bound in anyway. As she stood there she knew the other had heard her as well and hoped when the time came he or she would do the same. For by now if he or she was an Intent both Trey and herself would already be dead.

“Cross my heart and hope to die… Well not hope, but you get what I mean. Anyways, I swear on my transformative magic that I have no intention of hurting or inconveniencing you outside of helping me right now.” He was specific so that it would ensure that he wouldn’t be injured and to let the woman know that he was serious now. His body eminated a purple aura, as his breathing felt a little restricted, probably due to the vocal contract. “I’m coming over to you…” He slowly began to crawl, inching towards wherever the voice was coming from.

Zaryn continued to watch, wondering if they even heard his aura, it was soundless at all. “This is getting good.” He said as he looked up at the moon. “Isn’t it?” He would ask it like it would respond. He shook his head and continued to observe.

Rose’s breathing hitched as the vocal contract activated and gritted her teeth, for it hurt since the last one she had made had backfired on her. Silently she stood there watching the form crawl towards her before turning her head and looking straight at the pillar where the other aura stood, her gold eyes flashing briefly allowing her to see just a warm outline against the pillar before reverting back to gold as she turned her attention back to the male as she stepped over the bench she had pulled over and waited as a low blue pulsing light glowed at the fingertips of her right hand.

Crawling past a bench, he finally met up with the woman mage he’d been talking to. He appeared to have been run ragged, his breath strained and sweat dripping down his face. His glasses were crooked and fogged up as well. Taking a glance at the woman, he could tell he’d have gotten his ass handed to him. A lot of the females who’d gotten magic were taken down withn the first year, so the survivors typically ranged from super protected to not requiring protection, and this woman fell in the latter. He coughed a bit, his wounded right leg going a little numb. “If you need my insurance card… it’s in my wallet… Trey Garner… Pleasure to… meet you…”

Zaryn gets tired of watching, he slowly crawls towards their position as quietly as he could, after a few minutes he was within earshot. “Easy now.” hed say as he stands, gripping his rifle tightly still, ready to react to any situation he was. The energy surrounding him started to flux, then calmed again, making a loud crackle through the air..

She smiled slightly wondering if this boy had survived only by his transformative magic and sighed as she watched him taking intrest in the way he looked and his labored breathing. “I am Rose, no last name. And I don’t think an insurance card will help you, Trey. Not now.” she said as she stepped forward only to twist around her katana coming up as a black flame spread down the length of the blade her eyes narrowing on the male that now showed himself, the pale blue about her fingertips turning black as well. “It seems neither of us are with the Intent.” she stated softly, her voice silky but deadly as she stepped back until she stood beside the Trey than knelt down turning her attention to his leg though she never sheathed her blade as she looked at Trey. “Let me see the wound, Trey.” she stated softly, keeping an eye on the other male from the corner of her eye as she waited.

Trey’s vision grew dark around the edges, looking at the blood soaked garment that was wrapped around his wound. He undid the knot, exposing the deep cut. He let out a haggard cough, shutting his eyes once he felt the cold air hitting the wound. He cringed a bit in pain, but gritted his teeth and sat up as straight as he could. Turning, he said, “Good enough look for ya, Miss Rose?”

Zaryn sat watching them once again, but now he wasnt hidden. The sinister smile on his bandana was clearly seen in the current lighting, he wasnt mentally stable. He could feel the loss of energy from here. “Power. It feels good.” He said, almost laughing, he had that demeanor about him, borderline insane. The lightning arced off and broke a few tombstones and blackening the nearby tree. “Don’t you agree??”

Hissing at the amount of blood the boy had already lost, Rose slid her katana back into its sheath and with strength that seemed to belie her looks, ripped the boys pants where the wound was and quickly used what he had used to wrap it as a tourniqe before grabbing the wound squeezing it shut with her left hand, instantly slipping a stick between the boys teeth when he cried out. “Bite down on that instead of crying or screaming. This will hurt even more.” she said as her right once again began to glow a pale blue. Her gold eyes flickered towards the other male when he spoke and sighed when it registered that he was borderline insane. “That depends your perceptions of Power.” she stated as she slid her first finger over the wound, cleaning it out as blue light poured into it, her warning being true.

Pain immediately swept over him, as he fell backwards, digging his nails into the dirt. His yell of pain was muffled as the stick in his mouth split long ways, his teeth splitting it in two. His body glowered purple for a brief moment, his face becoming slightly paler in that moment before recovering. The light disappeared as well. His eyes were shut tight, tears streaming from one of his eyes. The rock had definitely nicked something important as it tore through his leg. The shock of the pain must’ve kept him going before it finally realized itself. And damn, did it hurt. He could hear the blood pumping through his ears, as well, his heart was beating so damned fast.

Zaryn zips to the other side of the area and tilts his head far to the right. “Power! What I did there, and there, and there!” He exclaimed as he pointed to the tree and tombstones. Upon motioning to himself he zipped around the small area it almost looked like he was teleporting. His fast movement seemed to leave a trail of scorch marks on the dirt. “Power. Good.” He said with a huge grin behind his face cover. He looked down at the injured guy. “You have weird power.” He paused and twisted himself to look up to the woman. “You too. Different from mine.” He said, this time his voice seemed off.

Rose flinched for she knew she was causing the boy pain and wish that she wasn’t, yet it was needed to make sure the wound wouldn’t get infected. “I’m sorry Trey. I know it hurts, I’ve had to heal myself many times since I quired my magic.” she said softly they boy reminding her of her little brother, pain and lose swelling up inside her even as the darker side flared through her, which she reined in before it could cause problems or more pain for the kid. Her gold eyes locked onto the other male even as she raised a brow. “We all have different Powers as you call it. Some for defense and offense some for speed or healing or just about anything.” she stated as she finished cleaning the wound and started to heal it slowly from the inside out.

It was about this time that he wished he’d never been picked. Out of those four thousand that’d started this, there were barely any left. Even worse, some of them he became friends with. The one who’d granted them this power probably knew that these events were an eventuality, otherwise he was a naive bastard. Trey’s mind slipped in and out of consciousness as the pain subsided. Gradually, Trey’s awareness grew and he could finally release the half stick in his mouth. He still grit his teeth as he sat up, staring at the man who’d approached them a moment ago. “Some of it useless…” His gaze lowered as he let out a sigh.

Rose sighed softly as she let go of Trey’s leg with her left hand as she finished healing the would, leaving behind a small scar and plopped back onto her ass by the boy and flexed her hands. “For some the Power is useless buddy. Specially for those of us who don’t have the Power to fight for us let alone protect ourselves or those we love.” she stated as she laid back on the ground and sighed closing her eyes.

He caught his breath, collapsing onto the ground and breathing heavily. He let out a laugh, covering his eyes with his hands. “Oh, God, I’m so stupid. Getting tricked by a stupid rock.” His laughing ceased rather quickly, though, as he flexed his leg back and forth, feeling that it was more or less fixed. As he examined the leg itself, he saw that the spot around it had a ring of paler skin. And upon closer inspection, it was growing. Painstakingly slowly growing. “Ah, nuts…” Letting out a sigh, he turned back to Rose. Concern in his voice, he asked, “Are you okay? Did that take a lot out of you?”

Zaryn puffed up a little. “Learn to use power! Not useless, none of it!” He stomps and lightning streaks across the sky, into the nearest town. “Cant be. Where are they hiding?” He thrashes around looking for something…but what? He couldnt hold back his curiousity, he pulled out his rifle and used it to look off into the distance, scanning the area for whoever he thought was hiding.

She smiled softly as she shook her head. “I okay, just not used to healing others. It’s been a while since I used my gift on another.” she said as she sat up and checked the scar. “If you like, take off your jeans and let me stitch up the hole i ripped.” she stated as she smiled slightly flexing her fingers. Only sigh as she watched the other male. “Its a pity at times.” she said softly shaking her head, even as she shivers. “And another lost.”

The small little bit of pale skin shrunk for a moment, but then proceeded to continue to grow again, albeit even slower. He shut his eyes and started mutter, “Not Elodie, not Elodie…” In response to Rose, he shook his head. “Just rip a hole in the jeans…” However, he catches sight of the other man, who was staring all willy-nilly left and right. “What’re you… looking at, there? And more… importantly…, who….. are you?” He was still weak, so he had to pause between every few words.

Zaryn stops moving suddenly, as if he can magically freeze himself. He places his finger on the trigger. Lightning surges from his hand and arcs towards the front of the barrel, 3 arcs go in from the muzzle, as if to accelerate the bullet. After a moment he fires a shot into the distance and the hit could clearly be heard. “Bad people are looking for us they are!” He says frantically, then looks down at Trey and points. “That is what I was looking for!” He thinks quickly. “Zaryn.” Suddenly his voice is calmed.

At hearing Zaryn’s words Rose leaped to her feet and held a hand down to help Trey up. “We are no longer safe here. We must find a better place that is easyer to defend. We are to open here.” she said as she looked towards Zaryn. “Stay with us okay. Seems we are being hunted and with your rifle you can help us out.” she said watching him.

Taking her hand, Trey nodded. “The mood here sucks, anyways.” His legs wobbled as he tried to gain any sort of balance, and upon achieving it. “We should move. If you can take one down when they’re near us, I can help.”

Zaryn motions for them to go. “Head start, I gotta get another one.” His eye flickers and you could tell by the look on his face he enjoyed the hunt. He readied his rifle and charged for a second shot.

Nodding at Zaryn Rose turned and with Trey’s hand still in hers she headed away from the cemetary and into the forest that she had come out of letting her eyes go from gold to all silver so that she could see better in the dark. “Stick close Trey. I don’t want to loose you.” she stated as she looked back at said boy even as she squeezed his hand, before facing forward and moving deeper into the woods.


My First RP

Explanation: So, I was on IMVU in the chat room I own, “Writer’s Block,” and someone by the username VelvetinRose came in. We chatted for a bit, and that led to her discussing RP. Having never truly done one before, she suggested that we try to do one. And so, VelvetinRose started with her first post, which was entirely improvised, and the RP had begun. Paragraphs starting with (C:) are from her, and paragraphs starting with (E:) are from myself. I hope you enjoy

C: The sound of yelling and the clashing of swords echoed as two males spared early in the morning, both sweating as they danced and dodged while striking and parring, but after another half hour of it they stopped and grinned before on vanished leaving the real male to sigh and clean up in the crystal clear lake to his left. His pale blue hair hung from a high ponytail reaching to his waist, fluttered in the wind as his tail flicked behind him and his ears twitched atop his head. “Well, time to head back home. As if thats where I want to go.” he muttered as he finished and gathered his things before setting out towards the village he live in.

E: The sun rose in over the small houses of the village that morning, casting long shadows facing west. And while she stood at the eastern end of her home towards the edge of the village, she was being shaded by a large damp cloth hanging from a wire. The wind picked up, fluttering the clothes away from the young woman and also causing her long, chestnut brown hair to flutter from behind her head and into her face. The wind soon died down, though, and she resituated her hair in its proper place behind her head, a bit of it tucked into her skirt. Hearing a bit of clattering, she turned and spied familiar looking ears. She grinned, hurrying to finish hanging up the rest of the clothes out.

C: Cain sighed as the wind suddenly picked up and blew his hair into his face, making him brush it back behind his shoulders, the sound of wet clothe catching his attention as his ears perked and grinning he moved from a walk to a jog, his sword clanking against his hip and thigh as he jogged. He smiled and waved to those who called out to him saying morning back, but ignored the foul looks others gave him, his ears twitching from hearing their whispered words of demon and freak. “Some people are just to stupid.” he muttered softly as he moved past them head from the lovely female putting up the days laundry.

E: Hanging the last bits of her laundry up finally, she grabbed for her sturdy, yet ameteur in appearance, handwoven basket. Scurrying, she managed to catch up to the man who caught his eye. She familiarized herself with the routes to and from the places in town, but had yet to actually make ties with anyone, and the man here seemed like a more than enjoyable potential friend. She cautiously approached him, making sure to tread heavy-footed so that her prescence could easily be noticed and tapped him gently on the shoulder. Her voice rang out like honey mead, the young girl asking, “Excuse me…”

C: Pausing Cain took his eyes off his adopted sister ahead of him and looked to the female who tapped him gently on the shoulder and smiled at her as his ears perked, his violet slit eyes warm and friendly. “Yes Miss. Can I help you?” he asked, as he shifted to face her fully, once again ignoring the foul looks and angry whispering.

E: When her big brown eyes met his violet eyes, she bit her lower lip as she nearly fumbled the basket in her hands. She avoided tracing the contours of his body and tried to behave rationally. Composing herself, she started, “My name is Eyra Drever… I’ve only arrived a week ago, so I’ve yet to acclimate myself to the land…” Her gaze went down to her feet, her top teeth once again meeting her bottom lip. “I was hoping to make your acquantaince, whilst also moving towards the marketplace in this town… Where do you live?”

C: Cain stared at the girl for several minutes shock evident in his slit violet eyes before he smiled and bowed slightly, using the manners his adopted sister beat into his head. ‘I’m Cain DuPrai. And I live just down this street at the end of this road with my sister Jane. Sorry if I was quite for a bit there, you took me by surprise, Miss Drever.” he said with a smile as he brushed his hair back over his shoulders once more when the wind blew it in his face again. His eyes took in the girls looks and form pleased to see that she wasn’t like any of the other girls around Hollow’s End. “You can come with me or I can come back by here in half an hour and take you to the marketplace.” he stated smiling softly.

E: The silence on the strange man’s behalf was a bit unsettling. However, being the opportunist she was, she took the time to examine the man’s other features. Losing herself in a strange mix of analytics and near idolized worship, she was brought forth back by the reply she was waiting for. Breaking down their conversation in her head, she allowed his name, Cain DuPrai, to resonate within her ears for a bit. His voice was very enticing to her, but she supressed such thoughts, once again favoring rationalism. The end of the road was his residence, which would place him just past the market. She’d nod her head down, and smile, her teeth peaking over bottom lip once more. “You live close to the market I’m heading to, so I’ll accompany you now.” Thankfully, the road was quite a ways away so she had plenty of time to make conversation.

C: Smiling Cain nodded as he looked down at the basket she held before looking back at her lovely face, his thought tripping all over themselves. For she was a lovely girl and the shocker was that she was actually talking to him and had touched him without fear of something freakish rubbing off on her. “Alright than. Come on. I’ll introduce you to Jane and you to can chat while I clean up.” he said with another smile as he beconed her to follow and headed down the street once more. “So Miss Drever, you said you’ve only recently moved here. How do you like Hollow’s End?”

E: “Well,” her gaze moved to the scrolling building she passed by them, strolling behind Cain. “The town is beautiful. The houses are homely, and most of the folk are nice enough, and there seems to be less surviving and more… Living. If that makes sense. Last place I was seemed to be far more cut throat. The problem here is that people here have idle hands, on account of having everything close. And you know what they say about idle hands.” She picked up her pace and stood beside him, craning her neck up to see his. Brushing her hair to the side, she continued, “I constantly hear gossip around here, too. I’ve only lived here for a week, and I’m pretty sure I’m hearing about the worst in some folk around here. I prefer to let truth shine, or in some cases, filthly wallow, in plain view.” She sighed, realizing she was rambling a bit. “What about you? How long have you and your sister been here?

C: A sigh slipped from Cain as her words drifted through his mind. Filthy wallow being one of the words and shrugged as he smiled slightly. “Since I was old enough to walk Miss Drever, I’m almost 18.” he said as he brushed his hair back. “And yah, I know what you mean about Idle hands and the talking bout things that arent any of their buisniss.” he stated a slight hiss to his voice when his ears twitched towards two males whispering lowly. He knew they all knew he could hear them so it was uselless to getting them to shut up. “Well the best way to learn about people is meeting them.”

E: She watched his reactions, seeing him hiss. Erya waited a moment before responding, twiddling the basket between her fingers. “I hope you don’t mind my prying, but I must inquire about your background… It seems that the people here are a bit resentful of you due to some… Physiological differences.” She gazed at his ears for a moment, before returning to his face. They were still a bit of a ways from the market, so Erya had time to think of what she was going to say.

C: Shrugging Cain lifted his arms to place his hands behind his head, both to help ease the muscle aches and to keep his hair out of his face only to smile slightly as he looked down at her. “Thank you for asking, and to answer your question, I don’t know.” he said with another shrug. “Jane’s Mom found me when Jane was just two years old and I was a babe. Seems I was born with the ears and tail of a cat along with the slit eyes and claws.” he stated as he brought his right arm down and turned his hand palm up allowing his claws to slid out. “Momma Dolly had to keep fileing them when I was younger cause they were out until I learned how th sheath them.” he said before placing his hand back behind his head. “People here are just stupid and closed minded. They think I’m a feakish demon sent here to kill them and rape their daughters and sons.” he sighed as he shook his head. “I’m not like that…I’m more honorable than they are.”

E: She nodded, “The volume of the voice certainly shows that you don’t care that they hear you. Your… features are certainly intruiging, though. I see you’ve gained control of them, as well.” She paused for a moment, her thoughts racing a bit, helplessly pondering at various possibilities. To counteract this, she asked a simpler question. “What were they like, your sister and… Momma Dolly, was it?” Indeed, anyone who’d raise such a unique being certainly had to be unique in some way themselves, or at the very least remarkable. “Is Momma Dolly no longer… around? I didn’t hear mention of her until now…”

C: “Mhmm…yah I have control over both my claws and my tail.” he said as the appendage flicked and curled behind him, only to cock his head slightly. “Jane is…special. Very special. She was born blind and seems to move about without the aid of others. And Momma Dolly…she died 2 yrs ago from Phemonia.” he said softly as his arms dropped down to play with the hilt of the blade strapped to his left hip. “Jane and I both have been taking care of each other.”

E: She smiled bowed her head down for a moment, before returning a warm smile to Cain. “I’m sorry for your loss, but so far, it seems like Jane’s been taking very good care of you in Momma Dolly’s stead…” Her thoughts sympathetically fluttered about, before blurting out, “If there’s anything you or your sister might need, please feel free to ask me for help.” As she finished this thought off, she caught sight of the market in in her peripheral vision. So that’s that, she thought. “I’ll be heading inside now, Mister DuPrai. I suspect you don’t wish to keep your sister waiting?”

C: Cain smiled softly as he gave a low bow to the female ignoring the giggles from some of the children and the glares from their parents or other passerbys. “I thank you Miss Drever. You are a most hospitable being that I have meet besides Jane. And your right she has. Jane and I would kill to keep each other safe.” he said with a slight darkness to his words, almost as if admitting to doing just that. He looked at the Market and smiled. “Mr and Mrs Wilkins are nice. They’ll help you with what ever you need. They even do loans if you can’t pay up front. And it’s okay. I gotta wash up first before I help with lunch anyway. It was a pleasure meeting you.”

E: Nodding, she smiled, heading into the market, burying her face into her hands. She immediately slipped inside of the market, out of Cain’s view, and stood for a moment. She’d quickly peak outside, watching Cain head into his home. “I’ll have to remember where that is…” An older woman’s voice suddenly rang aloud behind her. “Miss Drever.” Jumping, she yelped before turning around. Stammering, she finally replied, “M-M-M-Missus Wilkins.” “Miss Drever, are you alright?” She waited a moment, letting her thoughts materialize into speech. “Of course. Never better.”